Tips for Cleaning Silver Jewellery

Jewellery holds a special place in a woman’s heart. Among the various forms of jewellery, silver trinkets always holds a special place within the jewellery trousseau. However, one thing which must be kept in one’s mind is that silver trinkets can get tarnished over time. Jewellery stores in Vaughan claims that while digging through one’s ornament box, one will get to see that some silver ornaments have become yellowish, brown, and sometimes even black in color. Well, this happens because when silver gets exposed to air or moisture, it starts to react and the color of the trinket changes. For instance, silver reacts to sulphur at a very fast rate and it starts to tarnish.

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Cleaning Silver Jewelry

Silver is one versatile metal which is very fragile and filmy. Usually, the soft sheen of the metal makes the pieces of trinkets look amazing. Unfortunately, being fragile it gets discolored and tarnished at a very fast rate. It can be very painful for a person to see their beautiful piece of trinkets getting tarnishes or scratched. The only way to keep the silver trinkets brand new is to take proper care of it. At the same time, one will need to clean the trinkets from time to time.             

If you don’t want to take your silver trinkets to a professional cleaner, you can clean it on your own. Just follow the simple tips mentioned below by jewellery stores in Vaughan.


Polished Silver

Jewellery stores in Vaughan states that in order to clean the tarnish from the silver trinkets, one can simply polish it with silver cloth in order to get back the silver finish. It is ideal to keep the pieces of trinkets as smooth as possible. For instance, when silver cloth that comes with silver polish is used, it can remove the fingerprints on the trinkets. However, for silver chains it would be best if one goes for silver dip.

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Jewellery stores often states that in order to keep silver trinkets clean, warm and soapy water should be used.  Care should be taken not to use a polishing cloth as it can ruin matt finish.

Hot water can be mixed with spoon until it gets completely dissolved. Then placing sheet of aluminum foil in the bowl can help in removing the tarnish from the surface. Submerging the trinket in the solution not only can help in restoring the shine of the trinket but also properly cleaned.


Necklace or Chains

In order to remove tarnish from the necklaces and chains, silver baubles can be immersed in silver dip. Jewellery stores in Vaughan can help clients with this process. This process is considered to be an effective way to get rid of the tarnish and get back the old shine of the silver jewellery. Once the trinkets have taken a silver bath, care should be taken to dry it completely. After that the trinket can be stored in an airtight pouch.

Even though there are many DIY cleaning tips available, still one can take the help of professional jewellery stores in Vaughan. They can clean the jewellery within less time and make it look brand new.