Signs of Replacing Your Interlock Pavers Toronto

Even if you have a beautiful home, a crumbling paver in the driveway might kill the appearance. Even though the interlocking pavers in the driveway can last for several decades, you will eventually require replacement. You should check out the signs so that you know when it is time for installing new interlock pavers Toronto for your home.


You might notice cracks forming in the driveway and this is pretty common problem with interlocking pavers. In certain cases, de-icing salt, gas, and other harmful substances might penetrate the driveway and worsen the condition of the crack. When you live somewhere with freezing temperature, water might seem in through the cracks and might expand when it freezes.

Even though small cracks can be repaired, there are some cracks which are long, deep, and show signs of serious damage. In such circumstances it is better to get a replacement of the pavers as bigger cracks cannot be repaired and it will last for a very short period of time. Also, if you try to patch the driveway then you need to keep in mind that the spots which have been repaired will appear much darker than the surrounding areas and this isn’t good for the curb appeal of you home.

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Even though a crack is unsightly, a pothole is a real problem for your car, when you drive over the hold every day; it is definitely going to be tough on the suspension system and the tires. Large holes are formed when the ground under the driveway contracts and expands. With time, the driveway material starts weakening and the pieces crumble away from the pothole. Replacing a driveway is a long lasting solution, especially if it is an older driveway.

Drainage Issues

When you have a driveway that is in good condition, you can be sure that the water will not affect him much. However, if your interlock pavers Toronto have drainage issues then it can lead to serious problems. A sloped or uneven driveway will have the water running down the pooling water or the middle. This might weaken the driveway in areas where the water tends to gravitate and this result in a wide number of cracks. Even though there are plenty of driveway drainage solving solutions, replacing the interlocking pavers is the best solution.

Rough Appearance

Exposure to the sun can cause the interlock pavers Toronto to fade. The rays penetrate the surface of the driveway which causes oxidization and leads to discoloration slowly. If your driveway looks weathered then you need to consider a replacement.

Lack of Resealing

When you have interlocking pavers made from concrete or asphalt, you have to reseal every two to three years. This prevents it from cracking and breaking, especially around the edges. If you do maintain it on a regular basis then the cracks in the driveway might be too serious for an effective repair. Thus, complete replacement will be needed.

If you come to conclusion that you might need a new interlock pavers Toronto then ensure that they are the right choice for your driveway, patio, etc.